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Audio - The Drawings on the Wall

A series of five programmes on rock art presented by George Nash.
Use the player on the right to listen to the shows - you can also click on the titles below to go to the original BBC pages, which contain more information about each episode.

1 - The Legless Ladies of Creswell Crags.
2 - Graffiti Gorge.
3 - Irish Illusions.
4 - The Master of Paspardo.
5 - The Architecture of Death.
6 - The Prehistoric Swedish Phalus
7 - Academic Minute

Feasting Fire, Illuminating Fire, Ritual Fire: A case for its use in the Late Neolithic Passage Grave Tradition in Wales.
By George Nash

New Megalithic Art at the Neolithic Chambered Monument of Dyffryn Ardudwy, North Wales.
By George Nash and Adam Stanford

New Megalithic Art Within the Neolithic Passage Grave of Barclodiad y Gawes, Anglesey, North Wales.
By George Nash and Adam Stanford.

Notes on Newly Discovered Rock Art on and Around Neolithic Burial Chambers in Wales.
By George Nash, Carol Brook, Abby George, Debbie Hudson, Ellie McQueen, Christopher Parker, Adam Stanford, Ann Smith, John Swann and Laurie Waite.

Long or Round? Evaluation programme and results at the Neolithic chambered monuments of Arthur's Stone, Herefordshire.
By George Nash.

Light at the End of the Tunnel: The Way Megalithic Art was Viewed and Experienced.
By George Nash.

Cup-and-Ring Petroglyph on the Neolithic Chambered Burial Monument of Garn Turne, Pembrokeshire, SW Wales.
By George Nash.

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